About Us

Seven years ago my husband, our high school’s wrestling coach for almost 40 years, was complaining about how long it took to get apparel for his team and how it never wound up being what he wanted. I innocently suggested, “Hey, I bet I could do something…” and the rest was history.

After five ink-spattered years of working part-time late into the night, we decided to step into the business full-time (as in, 60-80 hours a week, ouch!) to serve our local community’s schools and small businesses, and have never regretted the choice.

The name Blueberry Hill Design Works was chosen to honor my family. When my grandparents moved here, my Memere dubbed the spot “Blueberry Hill” as it was covered with highbush and lowbush berry plants. The first workspace we used, before moving on to our current studio, was once my grandparents’ home. My daughter Shauna (the young lady in orange above) and her husband Alex now live there, so the property’s been kept in the family!

Each tote bag, shirt, hoodie, and other apparel that our shop creates is made by hand, right here in New Hampshire. Using state-of-the-art presses, every design is manually printed, dried, and pressed with individual attention to bring an attractive and professional-looking product to YOU!

Have a project in mind? Drop us a line, and we’ll see what we can do!

Message us at information@blueberryhilldesignworks.com

If you love any of our designs in particular, we are more than happy to talk about wholesale production!


Carrie, Owner

Screen Printer, creative guru, wife/mom/grandmother/field hockey coach – she started Blueberry Hill Design Works 5 years ago. She can be found whipping up new ideas (“Make it so…”) and flinging ink!

Kelly, Organizer Extraordinaire

Kelly keeps the wheels of the business running. She knows where things are and how many. She runs the “finishing press” to produce the smoothest shirts out there!

Shauna, Art Department

When you have an idea, Shauna brings it to life. She’ll match your font, trace your design and send you proofs. She is also known as the coolest aunt (and goalie coach) on the planet!

Mr Whitt, Maintenance – Magic Maker

Mr Whitt (as he is known to generations of wrestlers) is the “MacGyver” of our business. From fixing our equipment to knocking out walls, its a quick call to fix it all!

O-Man, His Highness

O-Man keeps us all on our toes and reminds us daily of WHY we do what we do! <3